Customer Refund Policy Statements

Game Change Related Refunds:

If a Contest related to a contest on our site is delayed or postponed, the contests will include statistics for that game for the number of rounds that the event completes deeming it an official result. If a game is postponed to a later date or called off for any reason, any players you have selected for that game will no longer add points to your lineup and games will be closed. If game cancellations and/or postponements result in the event not finishing or being deemed official, then that contest will be cancelled, and users will be refunded original contest entry/buy-in amount.

Compliance Related Refunds:

In the event that the legality of a contest offered by Fantasy Golf’s OG, The Original GolfGame is altered by the state, district, region, or country occupied by the customer; Or, if Fantasy Golf’s OG, The Original GolfGame changes its contest availability policy for the location in which the customer resides, and the customer has previously entered a pay-entry contest that has not yet began then the customer may be refunded the original contest entry/buy-in amount.

Requesting a refund:

To request a refund of your deposit you must do so by sending an email to with the subject “Refund Request”. In the body of this email you must provide your full name, your screen name (number), the amount of the refund you are requesting, and the reason for your refund request.  This process may take up to 14 business days for review.


Subject:               Refund Request

Name:                  John Doe

Screen Name:   john_doe_sports

Reason:            The contest that was entered was not valid for my location at the time of my entry.